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Examples are using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 6.0.1

Step 1Chrome app With a WiFi or Data connection to the internet, open a web browser on the phone.
Step 2Entering address Type in the URL/address box.
Step 3Select app to download Tap on download to download the app .apk file.
This may or may not start the installation depending on phone settings.
Step 4Downloading... Here, the .apk file is being downloaded.
Step 5Download complete In this example, once the file has been downloaded, tap Open to install and go to Step 9.
If not, continue with Step 6.
Step 6The file explorer app If installation did not start, close the browser then go to the phone's file explorer app. There are several available. A common one is ES File Explorer.
Step 7Looking for Downloads directory Look for the directory where downloads are stored.
Step 8The downloaded .apk file Look for the downloaded .apk file then tap it to install.
If the files are sorted by time, the file will be at the top of the list.
Step 9Installation blocked message The installation will probably be blocked as the .apk file did not come from Play Store. Tap SETTINGS to go to the phone's installation settings.
Step 10Enabling unknown app installation In the Unknown Source section of Security, tap the OFF button to enable installation.
Step 11Confirming unknown app installation A warning message will probably appear. For improved security, only allow this installation once, then tap OK.
Step 12Installing update message This message will appear if the app is already on the phone. Tap INSTALL.
Step 13Installing success message Success! Tapping DONE will close the installation and the app icon will appear on the screen. Tapping OPEN will open the app directly.